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Who I am

I am a student who wants to make an impact on the fitness industry by offering affordable services, 24/7 guidance and support, and realisation that you can lose weight/build muscle by using natural objects – Helping you realise that Gyms are not always the go-to for weight loss, and that the nearby park is all that you need.

My email address is

My mobile number is 07803846130

Why I collect data like emails, numbers, and comments

I collect these types of data for one reason; To log them in for any future purchases/automated emails/events. This data is compulsory for me to send you over any activites and ideas that I have in place for the future/upcoming days. It is also compulsory for the reason of you needing any emails that follow up on a purchase that you made, which hold both the product and the password.

So do not worry about signing up your email or number, or posting comments, as they are all collected and used in a very simple and appropriate manner. The data is only for me to make decisions on emails and contact, specified to you.

How long I retain your data

I keep your data for as long as you want me to; if you wish for me to be rid of your data as soon as you acquire your product, then I will oblige by your request and delete it until next time.

Feel free to contact me below!

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