Personal Workouts

When workouts get that personalised touch

Here is the game plan

You Send An Email

There will be a short form for you to complete which helps me understand any issues that you may have, so that I can effectively tailor the workout for you and avoid any further damage;

The small bits matter too, so just let loose and try to make sure to tell me everything that I may need to know

You Choose Your Workout

As I work with your information (in the Email), you get to choose any type of workout from the options given – After you choose and pay (Only £15), I will get to work tailoring the workout so that your experience is fun, effective and sufficient!

Quick Note:

The workout will be complete and ready for you in around 2 – 4 days after purchase

Let’s Personally Improve Together

Only £10 a month

What do you get?


|-   Various Workout Plans each month; Simply laid out for you to learn step-by-step

|-   Real-Time Videos; I perform the workouts for you to follow along and learn visually. The best part is, You can repeat the workout as many times as you wish

|-   An easy and in-depth Eating Guide to educate and improve your diet and eating habits

|-   Extra nutritional information, personalised for you and your goal

|-   If you are struggling with any pain (Nerve pain, shoulder/wrist injury etc.) then i offer an extra section of videos, showing you some stretches that you can do to guide your injury and improve yourself further 

|-   24/7 Online Support through Livechat

Please fill in the form below:

How many times would you like to repeat the workout?