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The 3-Step Process To Becoming A Client…

Fill in the PAR-Q form

The form is located below – A PAR-Q (Participation Activity Readiness Questionairre) is a legal requirement by personal trainers to asure that a client will be safe whilst training!

Get a free consultation

After the PAR-Q, I will contact you and prepare a free consultation for us to understand and get-to-know each other a bit more!

Jump straight into training

It’s a fast process. You are usually jumping straight into training by next week, as long as the PAR-Q form comes through without any problems. Please be honest when filling in the form!

Hear testimonials from current clients

Since I started the personal training, week after week you have been supportive and committed to improving me and the sessions that you plan. The passion you put into the sessions are top class and motivating, and the sessions as a whole are well worth the money. Something I find great is that you are able to cater for different peoples needs and aims which, again, is brilliant.

Ross. H

Client, Personal training

The PAR-Q Form for Online Personal Training

How active are you per week?

With Allmark Fitness, the goal has always been to educate, improve and accompany. Nobody should have to feel alone on their journey, and that is exactly what we aim to fix. My Online Personal Training finally allows you to wake up at a reasonable time, hop on to a LIVE video with me and train just the same from home!

Join the community and take the first step into becoming somebody new – Jump on the booster seat and head straight into training as soon as possible, all from your video camera!

– Jordan Allmark, Nutritional Coach & Personal Trainer

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