Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that I compiled together in order to completely smoothe over some problems or quieries that you may have with the Plans.


How long does my Personal Workout take to arrive?

Your page, holding all of the information that you get with the Personalised package, will be sent over to you via email in around 2-4 days.

What is the 30 Days of Fitness Challenge?

These 8 minute workouts are designed to push, improve and build your body, your mind, and your proximal comfortability.

The workouts are set out in Weeks to give you a clear schedule of the exercise that you should do each day (which is 8 minutes of work that mixes between cardio, bodyweight and abs).

After the Challenge, you will feel stronger and more able to physically push yourself further (Maybe with a Personal Workout).

How long does it take for a response in the message box?

I typically respond on the same day as the query was sent to me. It is usually within the next 30 minutes. If it takes any longer than the duration specified, please be patient as i may be quite busy at that time.

If you request further information for your request, then please contact me here.

What kind of support comes with the 24/7 online support?

Whether you wish to ask about the services, need help with any meals or workouts, or you just want that little bit of motivational support, the 24/7 Online Customer Support is only a click away (The LiveChat Box).

Weekday: 8am – 8pm

Weekend: 10am – 6pm

If you message me before or after these times, then please do not worry as I will respond as soon as I am up and able to.

How is my Personalised Workout Plan tailored to me?

Your Personalised Workout is personalised by the variables from your form.

Each element of the Personalised Plan is tailored to you in terms of previous injuries and end-goals.

Where is my Email after I have just purchased a product?

Your email will most likely re-direct itself straight to your spam/junk mail.

To avoid this from happening again, add ‘’ to your email listing so that it sends straight to your usual ‘focused’ section in the future.


How long is the Personalised Workout?

As long as you wish. It all depends on you and the goals that you want to reach and how much time you have available to be able to commit to the Plan.

If you have any other questions like this then please message me through the LiveChat Box.

Where can I do the Workouts?

Anywhere, whenever you feel like it. I say this because i don’t believe that there is a specific ‘time’ to train or ‘place’ to workout, and if you miss that time or can not get to that place then you can’t exercise – It’s false and i wish to break that ethos.

Exercise is possible anywhere. You can be on a nearby park, inside/outside the house, or on a beach. Spice it up a bit, as being in the same place constantly can become tiring and make you feel un-motivated (Check out my Motivation Blog here if you want!).

Overall Lifestyle

Can I do any of these services whilst pregnant/breastfeeding?

I do not recommend to take on my services for anyone who is pregnant, however it is safe for breastfeeding moms. I do recommend you speak to your GP though just to make sure you are safe to continue with any Plans/Challenges.

The health of you and your child is important, and everyone has different needs, so checking with a medical professional is always encouraged. Calories for breastfeeding women usually vary, so i tend to work with averages in the beginning. I recommend you stay in contact with me should you come across any issues.

Feel free to contact me below!

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