Who Is Jordan Allmark?


D.O.B – 26/10/2001 (18 years old)

Height – 5″10

Weight – 78KG

Qualifications – A-Level Qualified, NASM Lvl 2/3/4 Personal Trainer, Lvl 4 Nutritional Coach, Specialisation in Strength & Conditioning and Obesity & Diabetes Control

I’m a passionate fitness enthusiast dedicated on improving and changing lives through my services – I purposely make them affordable and simple for the easy fact of reaching a wider audience, like yourselves, in hopes that you will hop into my community and join in on the fun!

I offer 24/7 support to anyone where you can talk to me personally, or on a more professional level with your issues and worries about the Plans, or just to offer your view on Allmark Fitness as a whole. I want to build a community. I want to change habits. I want to improve as many individuals as possible and make the world a slightly happier place every day – That is only possible with you


A range of Plans & Programmes are at your disposal; Find the right one for you

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